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Wellness Policy

We always have our wellness policy publicized for parents and officials to reference.

Free Breakfast

We start our students off right with a nutritional breakfast; included in the tuition.

Free Lunch

We take a break during the day and provide our students with a nutritional lunch; included with tuition.

Dinner & Snack

Students participating in After School Programs will receive a free hot supper & a snack!

After School

Holistic Wellness Approach

America’s Little Leaders Junior Academy emphasizes a comprehensive wellness approach, recognizing the importance of good nutrition and regular physical activity for students’ health, well-being, and learning capabilities. The school commits to creating environments that promote the overall well-being of all students and staff.

Man and Woman smiling with kids
man eating with kids

Nutrition Promotion and Education

The academy advocates for nutrition promotion, aiming to create a food environment that encourages healthy choices and supports lifelong healthy eating behaviors. Nutrition education is integrated into various subjects, offering interactive learning experiences that equip students with the skills needed for healthy eating

Physical Activity Emphasis

Physical activity is deemed an essential component of the school’s instructional program, with a commitment to providing opportunities for students to engage in physical activity that develops the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for a lifetime of active living.


School-Based Wellness Initiatives

America’s Little Leaders implements school-wide wellness activities that encompass nutrition, physical activity, and other wellness aspects to promote student well-being and optimal development. These initiatives are designed to align with the school’s educational goals and community needs

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