We Teach "STEAM"

Preschool education started right

S - Science

We introduce children to science through observation, experimentation, and exploration. Our activities are designed to spark questions and provide answers about the environment, plants, animals, and basic physical phenomena. Through hands-on experiments and interactive learning, children discover the joy of science, developing an understanding of the world around them while fostering their analytical and observational skills

T - Technology

At America’s Little Leaders Junior Academy, we integrate technology seamlessly into our curriculum, giving children a head start in today’s digital world. From interactive learning apps to basic computer skills, our young learners engage with technology in ways that enhance their learning and spark their curiosity. We ensure that technology use is age-appropriate, educational, and interactive, helping children develop the digital literacy skills they’ll need in the future.

E - Engineering

Our preschool program introduces the basics of engineering through fun, hands-on activities that encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. Children learn to ask questions, imagine solutions, build structures, and test their creations, embodying the core steps of the engineering design process. These activities not only lay the groundwork for future engineering concepts but also foster a sense of innovation and resilience.

A - Arts

Arts are an integral part of our curriculum, offering children a platform to express their creativity and explore various mediums. Through painting, drawing, music, and drama, students at America’s Little Leaders Junior Academy explore their artistic talents and develop their aesthetic appreciation. Artistic activities are not just about creating; they’re about communicating, problem-solving, and understanding the world from different perspectives.

M - Math

Mathematics in our preschool program is all about making numbers fun and relatable. Through games, puzzles, and practical activities, children learn basic math concepts like counting, patterns, shapes, and simple addition and subtraction. Our approach to math education fosters a positive attitude towards numbers, encouraging young learners to embrace math as a tool for everyday problem-solving and critical thinking.

Volunteer opportunities to participate

Family Involvement: We want you!

We know that when parents get involved, it can really boost a child’s learning experience. That’s why we’re all about offering chances for families to jump in and be a part of their child’s education journey at America’s Little Leaders Junior Academy. From volunteer spots to bridging the home-school divide, we’re here to make sure you’re connected. 

We try to provide meaningful programs where possible (i.e. like PBS Learning monthly literacy program) to provide parents the tools to keep the learning going at home.


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