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Admissions Checklist

We’ve put together a checklist that covers the essentials steps needed to enroll your child. To get started, review the checklist and make sure you have all your bases covered!

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Financial Aid

We’ve put together some scholarship resources for parents so they have a clear understanding when making education decisions for their child. Check out these resources.

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Enroll Online

Then start your enrollment! We’ve made it easy, you can start the enrollment process for the comfort of your home. To get started, click the link below and send us some requirement information.

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How do I enroll?

Navigate to the Enroll Online page and send us your information. 

Once we have this information, we will reach out to discuss additional information with you and coordinate the enrollment. 

We recommend that everyone review Financial Aid opportunities and the Tuition & Fees so they are properly informed when enrolling. 

When can I enroll?

You can enroll at any time, but our school years begin every August. 

If your child enrolls mid-year, you may have to complete some additional paperwork to ensure credit is received. 

Reach out to us to discuss this in more depth. 

How long does enrollment take?

The enrollment process generally takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish. 

It starts out with you providing information about your child. Our team will receive this information, process it, and reach back out to you with next steps. 

How large is the campus?

We currently operate out of 10+ classrooms  and have been adding onto our campus every year with our growth. We also have a large outdoor area for activities for students.

As a non-profit, our goal is to continue reinvesting our profits so we can provide quality education to as many students as possible.

How much does it cost to apply?

You can submit an enrollment form for free online, but if your enrollment is accepted their are registration and tuition fees. 

More information about our fees can be found on our Tuition and Fees page

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